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Tip Wednesday

So the last in our tips regarding invitation, envelopes etc is all about Thank You Cards.

Just because we have moved forward with technology people still liked being thanked for their gift.

Even if it is an email your gift givers should be thanked.

1. Don't forget to write the correct name and spelling of the person/s who gave you the gift.

If you are mailing the thank you card make sure you have the correct address.

2. Express thanks, start your card with the two most important words: THANK YOU

3. Add a specific detail - hopefully when the person gave you the gift you made a note next to their name in your master list so you know specifically what they gave you so you can specifically mention the gift. If someone gave you money you do no need to say the amount, but explain what you plan to do with that money " we are going to put it to towards buying our house".

4. It is better the write thank you cards as soon as you get a gift otherwise you will fall behind and never end up sending it out. Or be overwhelmed with how many you have to write.

5. If the the person was a guest at the event you can mention that "so glad you where are able to be part of our lovely day"

6. If you have a personal relationship with the recipient then you can also make the thank you letter / card / note much more personal.

7. Reinstate how thankful you are for the gift and end with regards.....

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