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Planning A Corona Wedding

Nothing was stopping our gorgeous couple Robyn & Dudu from tying the knot during the pandemic. Our mission is to make our clients dreams come true and that is exactly what we did, despite the current pandemic still in full force. 

Robyn & Dudu have been planning their wedding with us since early 2019, their dream of a big wedding in Israel in Spring was all planned to perfection. Venue booked, vendors organised, family travelling from South Africa planned, all ready to roll… however 2020 had different plans for us as the rise of COVID-19 began to sabotage everything. Their wedding was scheduled for May 13th 2020 however, as the year began it became clear to us that COVID-19 was about to become a huge hurdle for the likeliness of their big wedding of 400 guests going ahead. Like the rest of the world, Israel’s cases were rising & the country went into a national lockdown in March. 

Of course the lockdown was the most beneficial way for Israel to try to move forward and reduce COVID-19 cases but where did this leave us with weddings taking place during this time. Some couples postponed until Fall 2020 & some put their event on hold until a later year. Yes we have experienced having to put events on hold in the past, but with the mass events that we had planned for 2020 this was a very overwhelming and busy period of time. We were still going to ensure that all of our couples had the most memorable day of their lives, whether that be with certain restrictions or in later years.

For Robyn & Dudu nothing was getting in the way of the love they have for one another and having the celebration they have always dreamt of this year. By May Israel’s restrictions allowed us to hold events outdoors up to 50 guests, however our couple had dreamt of celebrating with as many family & friends as possible and these numbers were just too restrictive for their big day. Eventually, with a lot of thought put into it, together we made the decision to move the date to September 9th, 2020. In early August we realized that the restrictions were not changing and a wedding needed to happen. So we had to sacrifice the original venue (due to this being an indoor space), change the date, rebooked the vendors, try to fly the family over from South Africa and ensure that everything was keeping to the restrictions to protect everyone attending the event.

As we got closer to Robyn & Dudu’s wedding day there were talks of another national lockdown happening across Israel stretching over the Jewish holidays, the official news was anxiously anticipated. However, it was a huge relief to find out that our date was safe and able to go ahead. The restrictions allowed us to have a maximum of 100 guests attend the wedding set in 2 areas of the venue.  We found a new venue Urban חלום בחווה, which boasted a beautiful outside space perfect for social distancing at the Chuppa & party. In the end the Bride and Groom felt that 80 guests was enough and much better way to keep the ever changing restrictions. 

With a total of 80 guests attending the wedding we ensured that all tables were socially distanced and a seating plan was in place to ensure guests from the same household were all placed together. Likewise with the dancing, guests respected the fact they could only dance with their tables, however this did not affect the partying that their guests took part in.

Unfortunately Dudu’s family weren't all able to fly over from South Africa. However, luckily his Mother joined to witness her son getting married under the Chuppa. In true 2020 style, their Chuppa was live streamed on Zoom for the entire family in South Africa to watch and still feel a part of the day. Dudu’s family even organised a dinner party to watch and celebrate the wonderful day all together, with Zoom speeches from his Dad & Grandma it was truly spectacular!

The party continued into the late evening with dinner & social distanced dancing. The grooms party even took a celebratory jump in the venues swimming pool to top off the breath-taking day. Robyn & Dudu really showed everyone it is still possible to have a Corona Wedding in style, whilst still sticking to all the rules!

The entire day was breath-taking and an incredible experience seeing all guests coming together to celebrate the marriage of Roybn & Dudu whilst respecting all rules and restrictions. 

Mazel Tov to our nearly married Mr & Mrs Azaraf!

Thank you to all vendors & the venue for your hard work put into making this day as special as it was.

Photographer: Yossi Shtainer

Videographer: Amir VisioninMotion

Design: Kim Bulow

Makeup: Leah Neppe

Magnets: Shem Tov


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