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Our Last Bar Mitzvah Before Lockdown

Abe’s Bar Mitzvah couldn’t have come at a better time if we had tried… Taking place on the

March 5th 2020 & Israel's national lockdown coming into play on March 15th 2020, we

swooped in to celebrate just on time.

It's always a wonderful feeling when a previous client reaches out to us to plan another

event. For the Orlinsky family this was their 2nd Barmitzvah planned by us & what a

memorable one it truly one. Luckily, the peak of Corona didn’t stop us from celebrating the

way that we had planned as thankfully there were no restrictions in place during this time.

But if the event was one week later, that would’ve been a whole other story!

Planning a Bar Mitzvah is such a special event to be a part of, for a 13 year old boy becoming

Bar Mitzvah in Israel, there is no better place to hold the simcha than Jerusalem. The

weekend celebrations were hosted at the David Citadel Hotel where families had flown in

from America, and friends from Modein to enjoy Shabbat dinner on the gorgeous balcony

overlooking the Old City. Abe wanted an element of surprise added to his dinner, so instead

of regular name places, each guest had to find their photo on a glass plaque with their table

number hidden underneath the picture. This was a great idea, it got guests laughing at one

another’s photos & was something that guests had never seen before.

Abe’s laining was incredible, taking place on Saturday morning at the same shul as his

father, and brother one of the four Sephardic shuls in the Old City of Jerusalem. For the

family, it was important to spend as much time all together for the weekend. So after Abe

had completed his laining lunch was served back at the David Citadel Hotel. The best way to

keep your guests happy is to ensure they constantly have food… so that is what we did!

Our nature loving Bar Mitzvah boy wanted an element of greenery added to his weekend,

but how do you bring this inside during winter? We worked closely with our wonderful

designer Hanan Gershon to create the most mesmerizing mirrored garden. Taking up the

centre of the room with tables placed around, it was the perfect feature to the room. The

little orange trees amongst the garden added a touch of colour &t worked beautifully.

The day was filled with enough entertainment for the kids and as well as for the adults

including a snooker table & playroom, it is a Bar mitzvah of course! Topping the family filled

Shabbat off with a musical Havdalah and a personalized movie all about our Bar Mitzvah boy


A special thank you to all the staff at the David Citadel Hotel for your amazing service and

help that weekend.

Mazel Tov to Abe & his family on his Bar Mitzvah.

Thank you to all of our vendors involved in making the day so special!

Photographer: Yossi Shtainer

Hair: Avi Somech


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