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Tip Wednesday

So in our continued series of "Tip Wednesday",

I wanted to provide a couple of tips when you start looking at venue shopping.

1. Have an idea of how many guests you want to invite. If you are having a small event some venue's might not be the right fit as they are built for large events.

2. In Israel venue's have a minimum amount of guests you need to commit to the hall for so if your numbers are low don't look at venue's that you need to commit to more people then you think will come even if you love the venue.

3. Figure out your budget if you know that the venue is on the higher priced spectrum and you have a lower budget don't go check it and set yourself up for heartbreak.

4. Pick a wedding date, in Israel events held on Sunday and Monday are cheaper once we get further along in the week the prices go up, especially on Thursday which is peak nights as most people don't work on Friday's. In the summer Friday weddings are also an option and really a nice experience to have a day wedding.

Continue next week with more tips about venues shopping.

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