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A Wedding in an Israeli Forest

This wedding was so much fun to plan. Firstly we picked the venue without the bride so it was interesting and it a little before the time of three years ago. The bride and groom were in their mid thirties so they wanted something fun but elegant and also in a very natural setting close to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Half the guests where coming in from abroad including the bride and groom and the other half lived in Israel. We brought in the elegant feel by bringing in chairs and making sure the flowers centrepieces were with whites, greens and a touch of yellow. This also bought in the connection with the forest. We put down a different dance floor and hung lanterns above it. The chuppa was very personal as the chuppa itself was a family chuppa that had been used at everyones chuppa, so it was very special to all involved. We added in some personal touches, like the puzzle welcome sign and the personalized flip flops. It was an enchanted evening.


Design & Flowers: Natalie Mann

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