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Winter Wedding in the Judean Hills

I meet the bride and her family four days before her wedding, and the groom an hour before he got married. But lets just say it was one of the most amazing destination weddings I had the honour of putting together. It was winter so it was hard to find a venue in Israel that was not a hotel that we could sit a lot of people at the chuppah. Also it was very important to be close to Jerusalem. This was also the same venue that I did a wedding at exactly a year prior.

Working with Lisa and Dougie, Danielle's the brides parents was a blast from our Facetime conversations by-weekly to our daily emails we put a wedding together that they were really proud off. Dalit the grooms mum was amazing in making sure that the things that needed to be done on her end were amazing including working out what the bride wanted in flowers and look just by her and looking at pictures she sent both of us. The most beautiful moment was the bedeken - the veiling ceremony.

The veiling ceremony dates back at least to early medieval times, and some find a reference to the custom in the Talmud. The reason for the ceremony is probably related to modesty; the veil symbolically represents the added level of modesty the bride is expected to adopt with her elevation to the married state. The Torah relates that when Rebecca saw her bridegroom Isaac coming toward her, “she took her veil and covered herself.” The bedeken ceremony thus recalls to all Jewish brides the matriarch’s gesture of modesty at seeing her bridegroom, inspiring them to emulate their biblical forebears and conduct themselves with an elevated level of modesty in their married lives.

Ariel came towards Danielle and you have never heard the dancing and singing and true happiness from all the guests most of whom had flown in from the USA for this special day. It was truly a magical moment to be a part of.

Thank you to me vendors:

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