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Israel December Winter Wedding's

So on December 29, 2013 & 2014 I had the privileged to organize two weddings at the same location. Both weddings were very different. The wedding I am going to write about today is a little personal as it was my sisters. It is not always easy to work with family but my sister who is a little bit younger than me (16 years) knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding. The hard part was it was Israel and the wedding was also had to be separate for dinner and dancing. We needed a space that could hold a lot of people as our numbers jumped from 400 people to 650 by the night off. We changed the tables and brought in thinner long knight tables which gave a banqueting feel to the whole evening. It also allowed for a lot of dance space which was really important. We ended up having to rent a tent for the chuppah as it was the middle of winter. My mother and sister wanted the feel of spring with lots and lots of flowers and I think we accomplished it very well. My brother in law wanted to make sure that he had lights for during the dancing so we made sure that happened for him.

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